looking forward to 2012

It’s been a good couple of months since I managed to write my blog and I feel a bit guilty in not keeping on top of it, anyhoo time to put this right. I’ve had to get Word Press reinstalled as the old one ‘broke’. All the old blogs have gone, so I’m starting again. If you wish to comment, please email me at rob@discerningimages.co.uk as I’ve disabled the comment feature as the spam was too much.

2011 turned out to be our busiest year since Discerning Images Photography (2005) started, and it was most certainly the hardest in terms of hours worked, but I guess that’s good, isn’t it. When I was at SmithKline Beecham in the 90′s – buzz phrases like ‘work smarter not harder’ and ‘people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan’ were bounded about. Sound advice – but try putting them into practice when you are running around like a headless chicken. The best and longest lasting piece of advice I still use is take time out for yourself (personal development time). This is where you try and objectively take at look at how you are doing, and to consider the direction your career and business is going. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but sometimes the quite moments speak louder than the rest, indeed sometimes all of us need to take a step back to take in the view.

I’m booking 2013 weddings at a decent rate, but any business owner will tell you that you have to keep filling the pipeline and never sit back on your laurels. There are still plenty of available dates to concentrate on in 2012. Change your propositions and add value to your offerings on a regular basis and keep what you offer fresh. Huge businesses are going under because of the recession and folk are ever wary with their limited cash, more so nowadays. Everything happens for a reason and if the current climate teaches us anything in business, it is to still take your considered risks, but also look deeper into your cash flow management and goals. We can still build good will with a few loss leaders, but at the end of the day – you need to bring in the revenue to survive.

York Music Scene

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I love live music and going to gigs. A few months ago I went to see The Fallen in Bradford as part of their UK tour – no they weren’t playing stadiums, but the numerous small (most often dark & poorly lit) venues that support the local music scenes. I actually prefer smaller venues because you can get up close to the action and I’ve yet to be stuck behind some young lady, sat on her fellas shoulders, holding a banner at one of these gigs. I have experienced this at a Kiss concert and I honestly prefer to see the band rather than some lasses backside, which incidentally was a lot prettier than her fellas face :-)

The Fallen are one of the numerous bands that are good enough to play the bigger stage, work their butts off but most likely won’t make it – its all down to time, place and a bit of luck I guess. I definately think they are good enough and hope they do reach their potential. They’ve done two tours of Finland too and have a Chinese one in the pipeline – it would be excellent to see them hit the big time.

Another local band on the rise is With One Last Breath (WOLB) – as we speak they are touring with Asking Alexandria – its a massive opportunity for them, playing to 1000′s of new folk and now signed with a decent agent/promoter. I think its great news for the York Music Scene and wish the guys well. The Graves brother have always been hard working and pushed and hustled their way to get to the position where they get offered the tour. Joe wrote on Facebook a couple of nights ago about ‘living the dream’, I like that. Good guy, great sense of humour and a huge talent.

Believe in Fate have just completed their latest single at The Ore House studio near Selby with Lee Hutchinson. It’s the first time they’ve been properly produced by an engineer and it sounds stunning – Lee incidentally, trained the With One Last Breath brothers Sam & Joe. Believe in Fate as you will know from my previous blogs, were the first York band to play the Millenium Dome (O2), I reckon the new single/video should help them to continue build on an awesome 2011.

I know another video is being planned with Rogue Frame – can’t wait.

My latest guilty pleasure is a band called Prowl. A trio of massively talented musicians who push all of the right buttons for me. Inventive, tight and all in all, great rock. They play the York music scene regularly and are definately worth checking out.

York 800

York celebrates 800 years since King John singed a charter, granting the city the the right to trade. There’s a whole bunch of events marking this too. The City of York is a brilliant place to live and attracts millions of visitors each year. 2012 looks to be a record breaker as tourists and locals soak in the sights and atmosphere. If you are planning on coming, make it this year, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Lucy’s Graduation

I had another proud Dad moment last friday when I went to my youngest daugthers graduation in Derby – where does the time go and all that.

I guess thats all for now. Sorry if you’ve commented on a blog and not seen it on here, but the inbox had 20,000 of em, 99% of them Spam. I want to report them all but it’s about two days work, which is why Word Press crashed I guess.

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