March 2012 – where does the time go.

Hello, and great to have you back

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In my next blog I hope to have some news about a new business venture but I’ll wait until I’ve got a few more ducks in a row.

Twitter / Facebook & LinkedIn continue to grow and the contacts build. As well as the business side, I like to follow the likes of Stephen Fry, Joey Barton, Lady Gaga, Piers Morgan, Lord Sugar, Cheggers, Donald Trump, Gary Lineker & Ant&Dec etc – you probably think it’s a waste of time, but I’m surprised by the insights into the lives of these blessed people. Some of it is inane banter but I reckon the real positive is that you see the real people rather than what the TV / Paper & Mags can sometimes say.

Joey Barton surprised me – portrayed in media for his antics in the changing room or on the pitch as being a bit of a thug, he comes across as bright, honest & opinionated on twitter – he is also philisophical and open about his life – how refreshing is that.

Lord Sugar & Piers Morgan banter with each other, most of it is pretty naff but the humour is good, but view worthy all the same.

Lady Gaga, who has 21,000,000+ followers puts on the odd tweet each day but connects with here fans well – they (we) are called little monsters, I guess I’m unique in that I’m a big monster, but still a fan. She must be one of the highest profile stars in the world and I do hope she doesn’t get too swayed by the adulation and keeps her feet on the ground. Someday she might prove this by letting me photograph her. Definately a creative genuis.

Donald Trump – He is a wise man, got a fortune, taken risks his whole life and proved he has what I would call ‘business balls’ – Lord Sugar has this too. I’m a bit disappointed with his President Obama rants though (yes he has the right to choose who he wants for the next USA President), but I wish he would show his metal and stand for the job himself. I missed his press conference on why he had decided not to run and sure someone will put me right – but this guy is a strong personality, with influence, and a track record. Sure he’s not everybodies cup of tea, but who is. Imagine the strength he could bring to Amerca – do you think he would get in if he stood – I’d be interested to hear your views.

Imagine also if Lord Sugar decided to go for Prime Minister in the UK – world class business people managing the economy sounds like a good idea to me.

Finally Ant & Dec – these lads, despite following Newcastle United (I’m a mackem), are just regular guys. They are a bit different from Lord Sugar & Mr Morgan who primarily tweet to each other so despite their following, its still an exclusive club. Ant & Dec chat to us muggles – I read a tweet a couple of weeks ago when someone refered to them as stars (which they are), but Ant replied with ‘what do you mean stars, we are just the same as you, in fact I’m sat here having a beer’. I liked that. Not up his own backside and still the lad from the north east – but that’s why they do so well. I’ve read their book and they seem pretty grounded to me – but also good businessmen at the same time who know their stengths and who they are, but more importantly, who there audience are.

Just looking over my diary of March and the time has shot over – there’s a couple of firsts too:-

1. A trip to Amsterdam via the DFDS ferry. It was enjoyable, the ferry was clean, fun to navigate around and efficient getting folk on and off. The city is vibrant, beautiful buildings and the hustle and bustle you’d expect from a european city. We decided not to have a trip on the canals after being on the north sea for 16 hours, plus we only had 5 hours there, so time was at a premium. Apart from a walk through the ‘red light’ district – I hasten to add with numerous tourists and believe it or not, school trips – the rest of the city is easy to get around. We seemed to end up where we started without really knowing where we were going. What did surprise me was the amount of chip shops – not fish n chips like here in Blighty, but shops selling mountains of chips – the dutch love em. Can you believe there was a cook book completely dedicated to cooking chips – boy have I had a sheltered upbringing!!

2. FSB National Conference in Scarborough – yes it was my first one with the FSB – I was part of the National Conference Committee that put the whole thing together – admittedly I was a small part of the set up, but it made me proud to see 800 business people embrace the event and get into the spirit of the event. Motions, policy, motivational speakers, guest MP’s and even the olympian, Roger Black. My good friends The Pauper Kings played at the main event of the Saturday night and went down a storm. Folk got up right from the first drum beat and the floor stayed busy right up to closing time – the highlight being Gary Groves (ex Sweet drummer) playing a kinks song with the lads in the second half. Memorable stuff.

Well I guess thats it for the time being – if you’ve reached this far, thanks for sticking with it. Quick plus, check out the new text/pics on the website if you have time. Feedback welcome.

Take care