So what’s been happening lately?

I can’t believe it’s nearly November already. We have had a strange year weather-wise with records being broken and us Brits just getting on with the wet stuff. We are a hardy breed.


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It’s been another busy year with weddings, commercial, rock and events. I seem to have traveled the the length and breadth of the country but I’m more than happy to go where the work is. I’ve now been ‘up north’ for 7 months but still doing most of my work from York – where the business was established. But the north is picking up nicely and that is good news. 2013/14 are getting booked too. Feel free to browse the website and don’t forget to click on the Facebook & Twitter pages if you want to find daily what I’m up to.

Federation of Small Business (FSB)

I’ve just been voted in as York Branch Chairman for the second year. the FSB is a huge organization, in fact it’s the largest business support org in the UK with nearly 250,000 members. the economy is as you know, still struggling a tad following the seemingly mis-management of the banks (amongst other factors) and the recession trundles on. I do feel sorry for the size of the job the government has to get us back on track – if there was an easy solution, I’m damn sure it would have been found by now. I met Vince Cable & Ed Balls at the FSB National Conference in March – both from different ends of the political spectrum but both with the same goals of serving the UK and trying to make things better.

Having a solution when you are not in power is pretty easy – being in the hot seat is the killer – unpopularity follows whatever decision you make. I’m not a Cameron fan at all – but how do weigh who is best? Maybe the simple solution is to give us some money, we will feel better about ourselves, and we’ll spend it to help the economy.

I’ve been involved with the York Transport committee on how to improve the current system. Julian Sturdy MP headed the group, which also has representation from Nestle, PortaCabin, NSBC, Trans-Penine & York City Council as well as the FSB. Feedback has been sort from the great York City public and businesses. Hopefully we’ll get improvements needed. There are no short term fixes – the current group are looking at deadlines for 2025 – an age away. It takes time and money.

York Business Week

Only a few weeks away, this business event enterprise is geared up to celebrating and highlighting the opportunities and entrepreneurial flair within the area. Our main contribution from the FSB is an event on Monday 12th November at The Riverside, Skelton starting at 6pm. We are lucky enough to have inspirational speaker James Allen taking us through his Army Career right up to his business career as it is now. It’s a fantastic journey which will inspire and motivate to is you can make it. From the Battlefield to the Board room is a journey all of us can take hope from. 100 places are available for this free event – we’ve also provided a buffet so you won’t miss you tea.Drop me an email to if you want to book some places. My main contact for YBW is a gentleman called Nick Eggleton – I’ve known him for a few years now – great guy, good at what he does and worth saying hello to if you are taking part in the weeks activities. I rate him.

I’ll leave the rock n roll stuff for my next blog – but big congratulations to The Pauper Kings / McKay Band / Rips on getting to play Nashville and best of luck with the European Tour – I taught them everything I know. :0)